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Shower System Revitalization Program

Our products are made of solid brass that is precisely-machined and then coated with the finest American metal coatings and finishes, and hand-polished to perfection.

After many years of use, the original beauty, luster, and performance of your shower set can be marred by wear and tear and mineral deposits.

Working directly with the manufacturer, we have developed a Shower System Revitalization Program to refurbish your existing shower to restore its metal finish and performance.

Revitalization Service

Our skilled factory craftsmen perform the following services to revitalize your existing shower system:

  • Thoroughly clean your shower system.
  • Service or replace cartridges.
  • Replace old hoses with new hoses.
  • Replace broken handles with new handles.
  • Polish and restore the metal finish.
  • Water test the shower system to ensure proper functioning


Depending on the condition of your shower system, the cost to revitalize your existing shower system is about half the retail price of buying the shower system as new.


Once we receive your existing shower system, it takes us 2-3 weeks to revitalize your existing shower system.

How the Revitalization Program Works

  1. Email us several photographs of your existing shower system to
  2. We will review the condition of your shower system and reply back with a cost and time estimate, and payment and shipping instructions.
  3. Send us all the components of your existing shower system, thoroughly wrapped in protective padding.
  4. Our skilled factory craftsmen perform the Revitalization Service listed above.
    • We ship your revitalized shower system back to you.

    Revitalization Warranty

    We warranty the metal finish and performance of your revitalized shower system like a new product.

    Sending Your Shower System to Us

    🔥 HOT TIP If you reside in San Diego County, California we can refer you to a local, independent, experienced, competent technician who, for a fee, will remove your existing shower system and deliver it to the factory. After the shower system is revitalized, he will deliver the shower system and re-install it in your home.

    1. Have your plumber carefully uninstall and delicately disassemble your entire shower system into its main components. Avoid damaging or making dents in any components during un-installation and disassembly.
    2. Thoroughly wrap each component in bubble wrap or other thick protective packing material.
    3. Pack the wrapped components into a sturdy box with plenty of padding, and ensure that the components are not in direct contact, to avoid damaging the parts in transit.

    We recommend that you insure your shower system components up to the value of a new system, to cover damage that may result in transit.

    We are not responsible for dings and dents or other damage that may result when you ship your shower components to us. Be sure to fully pad each component so none of the components get dinged, dented, bent, or otherwise damaged when you ship them to us.

    Dings, dents, and bends in components will remain, unless you additionally pay for replacing such damaged components with new components.

    We reserve the right to increase our price quote to refurbish your shower system components, once we receive them and are able to inspect them in person — especially if the components arrive with dents, dings, and bends.

    We will then provide instructions on how and where to ship your shower system to our factory near San Diego, California.